Project Number: 060-10186

Addendum: 3 Addenda have been issued for this project.


Bids Opening: Bids for the construction of the Project will be received at The Thrasher Group, Inc. located at 600 White Oaks Blvd. Bridgeport, WV, until Thursday May 26th, at 2:00pm local time. At that time the Bids received will be publicly opened and read.

Pre-Bid: A mandatory pre-bid conference for the Project will be held on Thursday May 5, 2022, at 2:00pm at the current site of the Grafton – Taylor County Health Department at 718 W. Main Street, Grafton WV 26354. Bids will not be accepted from Bidders that do not attend the mandatory pre-bid conference.

Project Manager: Lee Gustafson

Bidding Documents: Bidding Documents may be downloaded from the designated website. Prospective Bidders are urged to register with the designated website as a plan holder, even if Bidding Documents are obtained from a plan room or source other than the designated website in either electronic or paper format. The designated website will be updated periodically with addenda, lists of registered plan holders, reports, and other information relevant to submitting a Bid for the Project. All official notifications, addenda, and other Bidding Documents will be offered only through the designated website. The Issuing Office for the Bidding Documents is: The Thrasher Group, Inc. 600 White Oaks Blvd PO Box 940 Bridgeport, WV 26330 Bidding Documents may be purchased from the Issuing Office during the hours of 8am-5pm. Upon Issuing Office’s receipt of payment, printed Bidding Documents or electronic documents will be transmitted to the prospective Bidder. Bidding Documents are available for purchase in the following formats: • Bidding Documents issued as hard copy full-size drawings and hard copy specifications, are available for $150.00 per set. • Bidding Documents issued as digital drawings and digital specifications, are available for $30.00 per set via the following link: QuestCDN: https://tinyurl.com/zu5z8553

Low Bidder: City Construction Company, Inc.