Thrasher’s Newest Transportation Hire – Brett Buskey, PE

No matter how far you roam, there’s something about the Mountain State that always feels like home. That couldn’t be more accurate for Brett Buskey, PE.

Buskey grew up in small town Appalachia with big dreams. He left home to pursue a degree in civil engineering at Marshall University and, like so many others, felt he needed to leave the state in order to pursue his career. 

That pursuit took him more than 1,000 miles away to Houston, Texas, where he joined a large, national engineering firm. With a background in transportation engineering, Buskey quickly learned the ropes in his new city. Working first as an inspector and then a construction engineer, Buskey found out firsthand that things really are bigger in Texas – the roads, bridges, highways, and corridors he worked on were all massive projects worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

During his six-year stint in Texas, Buskey gained invaluable knowledge of project management and transportation design. When you work on projects of the magnitude Buskey was involved in, there are inevitably issues that arise and complicated scenarios to navigate.

While he loved those challenging aspects and the excitement that came along with them, Houston never quite felt like home, though. Buskey missed the mountains and the family that was more than a full day’s travel away – those country roads were calling him back to begin the next chapter of his career – and that’s exactly what he did.

Now living in Charleston, Buskey is proud to have the opportunity to bring his mega-project experience to the Mountain State. In his new role with West Virginia-based firm The Thrasher Group, Buskey will be an integral member of Thrasher’s Transportation Market with a heavy focus on construction management.  Brett is anxious to use the unique perspective he gained while in Houston to improve the communities that mean so much to him here.