39 Reasons Why We Love Being a Part of #TeamThrasher

As we round out our 39th birthday month, we’re taking a look at our employees’ favorite things about Thrasher. From family atmosphere to community involvement, check out 39 reasons we love being a part of #TeamThrasher.

  1. I like the work ethic that upper management has and instills in their employees, then reward/recognize it. We have a work hard, play hard approach – Melinda Mayle, Bridgeport Office Manager
  2. I love the wealth and diversity of experience throughout the company. There has always been someone with an answer to every question that I have ever had – Robert Severt, Environmental Construction Manager
  3. I get to work with a great group of people – Robert Kelly, Construction Services Scheduling Coordinator
  4. I like that I get to work on projects that make a difference in people’s lives – Jesse Alden, PE, Water Resources Project Manager
  5. I like that I have been able to control a lot of my own destiny by working hard and climbing the ladder. I have been very lucky to have never missed a paycheck in 38 years of service – Randy Watson, Water Resources Sr. Project Manager
  6. The Thrasher Group is known for their great customer service, good infrastructure designs, and they stand behind their work. Additionally, our long-term clients continually tell us that we have constantly delivered on our promise to stand by them and deliver the project from beginning to end. I enjoy making a difference in the communities where we work – Steve Hamit, PE, CPESC, Ohio Regional Manager
  7. I love being a part of a company that makes such an impact in the state. The team here is very knowledgeable, social, and caring – Jeffery Hartley, Land Development Project Engineer
  8. Our firm’s location allows me to be close to family. I enjoy the work flexibility, great work atmosphere, feeling of appreciation offered by peers/division leaders/company leaders, benefits, and the company providing study materials for exams towards licenses – Andrea Baisden, Buildings and Facilities Design Professional
  9. I love that I get to go home to my family every day – James Howes, Survey Project Manager
  10. Teamwork is not just a word or idea here, but a part of the culture. Everyone is more than willing to help their co-workers achieve the goal of producing high quality work – Brian Knight, Water Resources Project Manager
  11. I like that Thrasher feels more like a family than an employer – Anthony Brown, PE, Water Resources Project Manager
  12. Because of the friendships and relationships Thrasher has provided me, I have been able to grow in my career professionally – Samantha Flesher, Disbursements Manager
  13. Thrasher provides a lot of opportunities for learning and growth. Each week brings something new and unexpected –  Melodie Fiber, Corporate Accountant
  14. Working at Thrasher provides the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects that help local communities, both large and small, with everything from commercial development to school improvements. The diversity of these projects requires a team effort with Thrasher’s multiple disciplines to solve the many challenges that arise from concept through construction – Brad Messenger, PE, Land Development Senior Project Manager
  15. I love working at Thrasher because of the workplace culture. It is refreshing to be genuinely cared about as a person and to have my thoughts and ideas valued – Schyler Samples, Marketing Assistant and Proposal Writer
  16. I enjoy the diversity of projects that my team gets to work on – Craig Baker, ALEP, Buildings and Facilities Market Leader
  17. I like the family environment – Richard Hovatter, PE, Land Development Senior Project Manager
  18. I like that I get to work with my family and other great coworkers every day – Matthew Watson, Bridgeport Lab Manager
  19. I like having a flexible schedule – Carrie Wilkinson, CADD Tech, Water Resources.
  20. I would say I love working here because it is the right cultural fit for me and our employees work together well. We are always up for the challenge of bringing a project to completion and beyond – Jared Jenkins, Survey CADD Tech
  21. I like the family atmosphere and the wide variety of projects/clients – Justin Hughes, EI, Land Development Staff Engineer
  22. I love working at Thrasher because of the opportunities it gives you to advance yourself personally and professionally – Jason Mayes, PMP, Transportation Project Manager
  23. I love that the relationships and friendships I have made over the years with clients, as well as coworkers, will last a lifetime – Brandon Howdershelt, Construction Services Project Representative
  24. Opportunity is a big reason I love working at Thrasher. I have been given the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects and interact with clients that have expanded my knowledge base, allowing me to thrive and build successful relationships along the way – Marsha Benson, Assoc. AIA, Project Manager, Buildings and Facilities Market Leader
  25. I love the way it feels like a family – Cendall Cowan, Buildings and Facilities Design Professional
  26. I love working at Thrasher because the growth potential is unlimited. In the past 4 years, I have had countless opportunities to help shape and mold my career path. I can’t wait to see what the rest of my career holds here at Thrasher – Kayla Lantz, Talent Acquisition Manager
  27. Honestly, I love the flexibility with my hours. It really helps with my kids – Craig Fry, CP, Geospatial Project Manager
  28. I love working at Thrasher because of the thoughtfulness and time that we put into mentoring our staff. The environmental staff is always doing internal trainings to keep our team on top of their game – Gina Panasik, MS, Environmental Project Manager
  29. I love working at Thrasher because it is a family atmosphere. Everyone has welcomed me with open arms since I started – Telsa Smith, Administrative Assistant
  30. I love working at Thrasher because I love the sense of camaraderie and that I’m always being encouraged to grow personally and professionally – Makenzie Workman, Administrative Assistant
  31. What I like about working here is the variety. It is always changing and always evolving. Every day is different and it is great adventure, which makes me love my job – Jenny Weaver, SPHR, SHRM-CP, Director of Human Resources.
  32. I love working at Thrasher because of the family feel & the dedication of the employees – Jordan Goff, IT Service Desk Analyst
  33. I love working at Thrasher because at the end of the day, I feel like I’ve contributed to something positive for the community I live in, even if it’s indirect – Casey Roush, IT Services Manager
  34.  I like the flexibility of hours and coworkers being understanding of schedule conflicts outside of work – Garrett Devericks, Survey Project Coordinator
  35. The staff I have worked with, the places I have visited, the clients I have worked with, and the reward of seeing a completed project being used by a community all contribute to what I love about working at Thrasher – Samuel Rich, PLA, Land Development Market Leader
  36. If I have to boil it down, I’d say the two things I like about Thrasher are the people and the pace.  Given the time we spend at work throughout our lives, you hope to be surrounded by like-minded individuals and establish a comradery that carries you through the long days. I feel I have that here at Thrasher. I’ve heard the phrase ‘work hard-play hard’ since the day I started here, and that collective mentality is something that defines the culture that I’m proud to be a part of – Clay White, PE, VP of Field Services
  37. In an industry of demand, Thrasher has always taken the time and effort to showcase a family atmosphere instead of a corporate business mindset. At the end of the day, Thrasher is a business, and it needs individuals that can perform. However, I have found that everyone wants the other to succeed and offers as much assistance as they can. The construction world is a stressful career and I feel like Thrasher is understanding to each individual’s circumstances. A lot of time and effort is put in to take care of our own internally and not just the client or the bottom line – Quinn Gray, Construction Services Coordinator
  38. At Thrasher, I feel like they actually care about me and my opinion – Jack Hickin, Project Representative
  39. While a lot of companies say they are employee oriented, Thrasher actually means it – Katie Weaver, Project Representative