2019 Site and Transportation Intern Spotlights

Learn more about the 2019 #TeamThrasher Site and Transportation Interns! Keep up with their experiences and find out what knowledge they are gaining from their #SummeratThrasher.

Ty Lawson

When determining which college to attend, I knew Fairmont State University was the best fit. The institution is close to home and has a well-respected civil engineering program. I decided to pursue a civil engineering degree because I find it enjoyable and rewarding. As I head into my senior year, I reflect on the advice I’d offer someone interested in studying civil engineering. I believe it is critical to gain hands-on experience before completing a degree. I have received a thorough understanding of the civil engineering field through Thrasher’s internship program, confirming I’m on the right track to be successful in my future career.

I originally learned about the internship program through my brother and his positive experience at Thrasher. Before my first day as an intern, I didn’t know what to expect but I ultimately became comfortable with my tasks in the Site Division. I have been working on designs in AutoCAD for different project sites. Throughout my internship, I have encountered difficulties using the program. This challenge has helped me develop patience when working in the program as well as becoming familiar with it. In my free time, I really enjoy being active and playing basketball.  

Ryan Montgomery

I credit discovering my passion for engineering to my father working in the construction industry. His hard work and dedication to his career has inspired me to apply those attributes to my future profession in civil engineering. Before heading into my senior year at Fairmont State, I’m spending the summer gaining knowledge and field experience as part of Thrasher’s Internship Program.

Thus far, I have worked on several projects in AutoCAD and stormwater systems. The biggest challenge I have faced is working through CAD, but I have learned that mentors in my division are always willing to help when needed. My favorite experience was the opportunity to visit the massive Westridge site in Morgantown, WV. I really enjoy the diverse job practices I receive by working in the site division. For example, I have the ability to work on oil and gas, construction, and airports sites. Aside from civil engineering, I travel all over the east coast and compete as a stock car driver.

Jack Bajerski

Walking into the office on my first day, I had no idea what to expect. I was questioning if I was entirely prepared for this opportunity. Soon, those worries disappeared because the mentors in my division never failed to help me. Studying civil engineering at West Virginia University has prepared me for the responsibilities as an intern at Thrasher. My tasks include working on different site plans and compiling site profile for utilities. My favorite aspect of my position is creating something tangible for my community. It is unbelievably rewarding having the opportunity to witness my work come to life.

Throughout the duration of the internship, I have learned many valuable lessons such as the importance of communication. In order to understand how to complete a task, our team needs to effectively communicate with each other and the client. This is just one example of skills that we, as students, are not able to learn in the classroom. I plan to apply the valuable experience and firm foundation from Thrasher’s internship to build my career. My advice to others pursuing a similar degree is to be passionate and have pride in your work. When you love what you do, it is easy to work hard. 

Felipe Ruiz

I’m heading into my senior year studying civil engineering at West Virginia University Institute of Technology. When I heard about Thrasher’s internship program, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my summer – learning and developing skills that will help me in my future career. My decision to pursue civil engineering stems from my passion for construction and infrastructure.

When I started the internship, my biggest concern was not having a sufficient amount knowledge and expertise to succeed in my division. A personal, daily challenge I encounter is a language barrier because I’m originally from Brazil and English is not my first language. However, this has not halted my ability to learn and development as a student and future engineer.

Throughout this process, I really enjoyed what I’ve been doing. I have worked on transportation, highway, and bridge projects in my division. Also, I had the opportunity to work on a coal field project. I am thankful for my time with Thrasher because I have gained a lot of experience and enjoy applying my skills to the professional field, beyond the classroom. Outside of work, I enjoy traveling and visiting different countries.

Franklin Cavallo

I’ve always wanted to pursue a degree in civil engineering. The complexity of transportation and recreational projects has continuously sparked my interest, making my career path an easy choice. In the past three years, I have been pursuing that dream at West Virginia University. Heading into my senior year, I am appreciative of the experience that Thrasher’s internship program has given me and I am certain it will help me excel in my studies.

Walking into the office on my first day, I was unsure of what to expect. Immediately, my division mentors began showing me how to successfully complete projects and helping me through any instances of uncertainty. So far, I have helped work on various computer applications and oil and gas projects. My favorite experience was visiting a construction site well pad – I wasn’t aware of its impressive size and I’m still blown away.

I have faced some challenges in my work, mainly related to the computer programs but I have learned to overcome this by asking questions. In my free time, I enjoy playing guitar and singing.

Titus Smith

I learned about The Thrasher Group’s Summer Internship Program at a West Virginia University career event. I was immediately attracted to the company and the opportunities they had to offer. At the beginning of the internship, I was unsure if I would have the skills and knowledge to successfully complete projects. It didn’t take long to learn that I had the resources and the ability to thrive in this environment with the help of professionals in my division.

My tasks include cleaning up different AutoCAD files, site reports, and researching different West Virginia transportation standards. My favorite experience was the opportunity to go on a site visit and witness the in-office plans applied in the field. Thrasher’s internship has allowed me to apply my skills efficiently and grasp a better understanding of civil engineers’ daily tasks.

I chose to pursue a civil engineering degree at WVU because of the campus’s diversity, the positive reputation of the program, and the extensive span of career options. The advice I would give to an engineering student would be to gain field experience before completing their studies. In my free time, I enjoy many outdoor activities: camping, rock climbing, and white-water rafting.