2019 Leah Berhanu Memorial Award Recipient


Torey Wright, the 2019 recipient of the 2nd Annual Leah Berhanu Memorial Award


Chad Riley, The Thrasher Group CEO, and the Berhanu Family with the 2019 Leah Berhanu Memorial Award Recipient

The Thrasher Group celebrated its second year presenting the Leah Berhanu Memorial Award. The award honors Leah Berhanu who was tragically killed in an auto-pedestrian accident on February 1, 2018.

A Morgantown native and active member of the university community, Leah attended West Virginia University to study civil engineering. Leah’s interest in her prospective field led to the opportunity to intern at The Thrasher Group.

Throughout the duration of her internship, Leah was devoted to working hard and sharing her positive outlook on life. She was noted as an outgoing, bright employee. Due to her contagious passion and determination, The Thrasher Group and Leah decided to continue her internship throughout spring break and over the next summer.

Today, Leah’s life was honored among colleagues and her family at The Thrasher Group’s Leah Berhanu Memorial Award Luncheon. The event hosted Thrasher’s summer interns, Leah’s parents, and two sisters. Leah’s sister, Rebecca Berhanu, spoke about the positive impact Leah had on everyone she encountered.

The 2019 Leah Barhanu Memorial Award recipient was Utility Division intern Torey Wright; a freshman at West Virginia University majoring in Civil Engineering.

“I’m at a loss for words and beyond honored to receive the award,” Torey Wright stated. “Leah Berhanu set an example as to how one should carry themselves throughout life – including all its joys and challenges. Personally, I’ve faced a fair share of adversity, but I decided to not allow it to define me. My goal is to strive for success, while creating a positive atmosphere. I’m inspired by Leah’s character and legacy.”

Torey Wright demonstrates the positive attributes that Leah had possessed. Recently, Torey has completed his freshman year at West Virginia University studying petroleum & natural gas engineering with a minor in Arabic.

“A lesson I have learned from Leah is that being kind to others can lead to respect. I’m inspired by her optimism and work ethic,” said Torey Wright.