2019 Construction Services and Environmental Spotlights

Learn more about the 2019 #TeamThrasher Construction Services and Environmental Interns! Keep up with their experiences and find out what knowledge they are gaining from their #SummeratThrasher.

Shaylin Post

Through The Thrasher Group’s Summer Internship Program, I gained a lot of experience in the field and outside the classroom. Over the summer, I interned in the Environmental Division at Thrasher’s Bridgeport location. I was mentored by environmental professionals– they helped me adjust to the industry and involved me in every aspect of the project process. My responsibilities in the division included project site assessment, permitting revisions, and interpreting topographic site maps. My favorite projects I had the pleasure of working on were water sampling and bat surveying. A few challenges I overcame was learning division specific terminology and professional/technical writing for permits.

Currently, I’m going into my senior year studying environmental studies. I wanted to attend Shepard University because of the small class sizes and the opportunity to broaden my horizons and meet new people. My advice for someone interested in pursuing a similar field of study would be to expand your professional network and began actively searching for internships.

Ryan Leedom

Currently, I am heading into my senior at West Virginia University studying Wildlife and Fisheries Resources. My advice for students wanting to pursue a similar career path would be to put yourself out there and be open to new opportunities. One of my professors at West Virginia University referred me to The Thrasher Group Summer Internship Program. Prior to my first day, I was a little nervous about my skill level and the work I would be doing over the summer. However, I was soon to realize that I wasn’t alone and had the entire Environmental Division supporting my efforts. I found the program to be more rewarding if I pushed myself to work hard.

A few examples of my daily responsibilities included wetland delineations, permitting, GIS mapping, soil, and bat survey; as well as assisting the project manager and technician by piecing together the details for project preparations. The skills I have acquired and improved upon are researching and writing permits and constructing topographic maps with GIS. Through Thrasher’s internship, I received a lot of experience in the environmental/wildlife sector of business. In my free time, I enjoy being outdoors. My favorite outdoor activity would definitely be floating trips on the south branch of the Potomac River.

Elisabeth Peters

My family and I travelled out West frequently when I was younger. Every trip, we drove through Colorado and I was completely captivated by the Rocky Mountains – this experience inspired me to spend part of my life in Colorado. I was determined to attend University of Denver and Colorado School of Mines to make my dream a reality. Currently, I’m heading into my senior year studying Civil Engineering.

Last year, I researched engineering internship opportunities around Canton, Ohio and I stumbled upon The Thrasher Group’s Summer Internship Program. As this is my second year at Thrasher, I’ve gained more confidence in myself and my work. I enjoy working with my hands rather than sitting at a desk and the internship has allowed me to gain a lot of field experience. My responsibilities include erosion and sediment inspections, communicating with contractors, interpreting project plans, performing grout pours, and writing reports.

Ryan Menendez

Over the summer, I had the pleasure of interning at The Thrasher Group in the Construction Services Division. Throughout the internship program, I worked at Thrasher’s in-office materials testing lab, the mobile lab, and numerous project sites. I can recall the first summer I was offered to intern at The Thrasher Group – I was nervous because I had little job experience and didn’t understand the terminology. However, everyone in my division was helpful by introducing me to new concepts, which allowed me to understand project requirements. Now, I’m confident and gained a lot of knowledge in materials testing, site inspections, composing project reports, and communicating with project managers and contractors. I enjoyed the variety of experience and skills I’ve gained throughout my time with the company.

I’m heading into my senior year at Fairmont State University studying civil engineering technologies. Personally, I enjoy the small class sizes, positive learning environment and the campus located close to my home. The advice I would offer someone interested in pursuing a similar field of study is to expect late nights filled with studying; obtaining a degree in engineering takes a lot of effort, so it’s essential to remain dedicated. I’m looking forward to applying my experience to the coursework and future professional career.

Tanner Lambert

I’m excited to wrap up my third summer at The Thrasher Group as part of the Summer Internship Program. I enjoyed interning in a welcoming, family atmosphere that encourages me to gain hands-on experience in the professional field. This summer, I had the pleasure of working in the environmental segment of the Construction Services Division. My favorite aspect of the division is the opportunity to assist on a variety of projects. Additionally, I’m able to apply my coursework in Geology to the project site to successfully complete inspections and other tasks.

A few projects I have worked on was a well pad inspection, core logging, construction oversight and erosion and sediment control monitoring for a water line installation. While working on numerous projects, I’ve improved my skills in communicating effectively with clients and contractors. The advice I would give to anyone interested in pursuing a similar field of study is be open to opportunities and be prepared to conduct a lot of research. Currently, I’m heading into my senior year at West Virginia University. In my free time, I enjoy fly fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, and kayaking.

Chase Riley

Initially, I was inspired by my family to pursue a career in engineering. By witnessing the positive impact development projects have on the local community, I knew I had chosen the right career path. Currently, I’m heading into my junior year at West Virginia University studying civil engineering. This summer I received the opportunity to intern at The Thrasher Group. I began interning in the Construction Services Division and then gained experience in other divisions such as survey, utility, and environmental. At the beginning of the program, I set a goal for myself to build upon my knowledge in the professional field each day at The Thrasher Group. A few of my daily tasks include helping and performing inspections, concrete pours, and composing project site reports.

One of my favorite memories at The Thrasher Group was working on a pipeline project in Pennsylvania. I performed the inspection and acted as the contact between Thrasher and the contractors. A notable challenge I can recall was learning engineering guidelines, terminology, and the business application of the services. The advice I would give someone who is interested in pursing a similar field of study is to know in your heart that you have a passion for your career and all your effort will be worth it. In my free time, I enjoy playing football, hiking, and being outdoors.

Justin Hughes

I chose to pursue a degree at West Virginia University due to the great engineering program and being a lifelong Mountaineer fan. Studying civil engineering appealed me because I’m a problem solver and always had an interest in the STEM field. Before I began interning at The Thrasher Group, I was unfamiliar with the responsibilities of the Construction Services Division. Immediately, I was included in projects and gained experience in concrete and materials testing, inflow and infiltration testing, and on-site tasks.

My favorite aspect of my job responsibilities is going out into the field and applying my skills to the project site. After completing the internship program, my goal is to apply the skills I have learned to my future professional career. I feel confident transferring my experience from interning at The Thrasher Group into the classroom and applying it to my coursework. In my free time, I enjoy being outdoor activities: fishing, kayaking, and skiing.

Zachary Musgrove

I have always known that I wanted to pursue a degree in Civil Engineering. I love being outside and the variety of jobs you get to work on is extensive. Going into my senior year at Fairmont State, I wanted to spend my summer working in Thrasher’s Construction Services Division to learn as much as I could to prepare me to enter the workforce next year. I originally heard about Thrasher through a couple of my friends that interned here and I was eager to begin my own summer here.

Most of this summer I had the opportunity to work on the Weston Sewer Line. This project was a lot of fun to help with and my supervisors taught me so much that can’t be understood in a classroom setting. I have enjoyed my experience at Thrasher, and I have loved the chance to be in the field for a majority of the time and getting to meet so many new people. I am excited to carry the knowledge I have gained back to school in the fall and ultimately my job.

Austin Kozul

For the past three summers, I’ve been a part of The Thrasher Group’s Summer Internship Program in the Construction Services Division. Before my first day, I had no idea what to expect or what would be expected of me. However, the division leaders immediately threw me into projects, and I was able to learn through hands-on experience. I gained knowledge in materials testing on-site and in Thrasher’s lab, and the ability to effectively communication with contractors. I can recall the first time I was required to pour concrete – I was equally nervous and hyper-focused. The concrete pour went well, and I was overjoyed when the contractor approved of my work. Additionally, I’ve worked on the Morgantown Amphitheater and a bridge construction project in Shinnston, WV. My favorite place I have visited while interning at The Thrasher Group is Friendly, WV. The drive to the location and view of the Ohio River is absolutely beautiful. The advice I have for someone interested in pursuing a similar field of study is to start gaining job experience.