The Thrasher Group’s Latest Frontier for Industrial Innovation

The Thrasher Group was selected to join ESRI’s Partner Network. Founded in 1969, ESRI has been the world innovator of geographic information system (GIS), a powerful mapping software that offers the most powerful geospatial cloud available.

The access to their ArcGIS software allows The Thrasher Group greater insight to location-based analytics, the ability to use collaborated maps, apps, dashboards, and reports.

Jacob Darrah, Senior GIS Manager, believes the geospatial technologies will support the private and public sectors while improving operational and business mapping results.

“We were very happy to have ESRI select The Thrasher Group has its only partner headquartered in WV.  The hope is for the partnership to help grow and develop the use of our GIS services outside of the company and throughout the state.”

Andrew Hefner, GIS Technician, states ESRI technical services will have a positive impact on the company and local community.

“I believe that having a partnership with a company like ESRI will not only be good for Thrasher but will be good for the state of West Virginia since it will allow us to reach out and provide technical services and support to small towns and communities that do not have the resources to provide that now.”

Through the partnership, The Thrasher Group will join over 350,000 users of ESRI’s software, including the world’s largest cities, most national governments, 75 percent of Fortune 500 companies, and more than 7,000 colleges and universities.