Celebrating #InternationalWomeninEngineeringDay

Today is International Women in Engineering Day! We are proud to have a team of talented women on board at Thrasher. We talked to a few of these #TeamThrasher members to find out why they wanted to be engineers and what they love about it. Check out what they had to say below!

“Growing up my dad was an engineer, so he exposed me to the career at a young age. I also always had a love for science and math, which is why I originally choose this as a career. Now that I’ve been at Thrasher for eight years, the variety of different projects I’ve been able to work on keeps me interested in the field. I also have developed a community here – I know my coworkers have my back and will always have a joke and a laugh when I need one.”

“My background is in geohydrology and environmental geoscience; however, my professional passion lies in the utility industry. Working in this field is very rewarding – we do challenging and highly impactful work and form lasting relationships along the way. The feeling of self-accomplishment is what I enjoy the most. I like being able to help our communities identify and solve problems, develop effective solutions, and ultimately assist our clients in reaching their goals.  My experience at Thrasher has been invaluable! I love the people I work with and the projects we work on. There is a real sense of community and comradery within the company.”

“I’m a problem solver and I like solving complex problems. In the marine core I took a career test and found out I’m qualified for math and science related career and that’s how I found out I was good at doing engineering. I like that with engineering I can break down complex problems and there’s always different projects and teams to work with. My experience working for thrasher has been very valuable. The amount of brainpower I found at Thrasher I haven’t found anywhere else. The great thing that keeps me here – there is always someone you can go to here who has the experience or can point you in the right direction as a resource.”

“When going to college, I thought about what type of career would utilize my enjoyment for math, science, and problem solving the most and that is when engineering came into mind. I’ve never looked back! My favorite part of engineering is that the problem being solved is never the same. Each client and location are different and require various aspects of engineering be utilized, which requires us to always be on our toes and think of innovative ways to solve the problem at hand. I enjoy working at Thrasher. I have experienced several things that I never would have gotten to if it weren’t for this company, but what has contributed the most to my enjoyment is getting to work with a lot of wonderful people and communities all around the state.”

“I chose engineering as a career thanks to my high school engineering program. I really liked how the program emphasized the importance of hands-on learning and developing problem solving skills through creativity and ingenuity. It also broadened my understanding of how our everyday lives have been improved by engineering. I really like the diversity of my work. It keeps my job engaging since each new project is unique and comes with its own set of challenges that require innovative solutions. My experience at Thrasher has been fantastic. The work environment is very supportive, and I’m surrounded by experienced individuals with decades of knowledge covering multiple facets of engineering. It is a great place that promotes continual learning and skill development.”

“From building things with popsicle sticks as a child to building Lego creations with my 5-year-old son as an adult, I have always had a love for putting “small pieces” together to make one useful product. During my secondary education I loved math and science. My parents and teachers helped guide me toward the engineering field. I just knew it was the right fit! My passion is bridge design, and I enjoy working as a team to help develop a project from inception to delivery. Client satisfaction is very important to me; therefore, I take “attention to the details” very seriously…maybe too seriously at times! However, it gives me satisfaction when we can all work together to hand over a product which the client can be proud of as well. Engineering isn’t about one person – it’s a collective effort from a whole team of great people.”