Quality Assurance with Thrasher’s Laser Pipe Profiler

One of Thrasher’s many new technologies is the Laser Pipe Profiler. Used in conjunction with our CCTV inspections, the Profiler performs quality control testing at the end of a new construction project.

As the Profiler travels through the pipe emitting a laser beam, it records the distance traveled from the starting point and collects evidence of any abnormalities in the pipe, providing the ability to pinpoint exactly where any detected issues exist. The data received through this process undergoes extensive software analysis. This takes the visual of the laser to the next level, calculating the percentage the shape of the pipe has changed. This is also reflected in graphs, allowing an at-a-glance intake of these changes. Armed with this information, we are able to determine whether construction was completed correctly and if issues have persisted since installing the piping.