Oil & Gas Geological Services

  • Evaluate Conventional and Unconventional Wells
  • Well Acquisition Reviews
  • Field Planning and Development Recommendations
  • Subsurface Geologic Reservoir Mapping
  • Well Casing Depth Recommendations
  • Geologic Hazard Avoidance
  • Geophysical Well log interpretation and analysis
  • Hydraulic Fracturing recommendations
  • Oil & Gas Well production analysis
  • Produced Water interpretation and analysis
  • Area of review summaries for Well Permits
  • Geosteering oversight
  • New well permitting assistance

Well Plugging Services

  • Both conventional and unconventional wells
  • Review data to classify plugging priority tiers
  • Create well characterization based on available records
  • Cement plug placement recommendations
  • Develop well hazard analysis for plugging operations
  • Well plugging permit assistance
  • Site remediation

Geologic Assessments

  • Oil & Gas reservoir extents, development, and impacts
  • Orphan and abandoned well identification, impacts and plugging recommendations
  • Historic well development and production impacts
  • Coal mine extents, potential subsurface and subsidence impacts
  • Karst Hazards and Impacts
  • Geological Hazards and Impacts
  • General Geologic Assessments for surface and subsurface interests

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