Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Technology to Better Serve Clients

The Thrasher Group, Inc. recently obtained their Federal Certificate of Authorization (COA)   and FAA Section 333 Exemption to actively operate unmanned aerial vehicles for the purposes of delivering the newest and best technologies available to their clients.  Dan Wheeler, FAA licensed pilot and Senior Project Manager said “Thrasher is part of a new era in aviation, the company is tapping into the potential for unmanned aircraft to make it safer and easier to do certain jobs, gain information and deliver to our clients.”

This technology, which has many applications in the engineering and architectural industry, allows Thrasher to continue to be a leader in this industry.  The Thrasher team has the ability to provide a variety of services including building inspections, real time construction, project progress and unoccupied hazardous area surveys.  Thrasher’s capability to obtain aerial footage and photographs from a birds eye view is an invaluable service to our clients.   Thrasher has and will continue to invest in technologies that will revolutionize how we deliver successful projects.

Thrasher has been providing professional engineering, architectural, and surveying services to individuals, businesses, municipalities, and governmental clients in West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia since 1983. With more than 300 employees in five states, Thrasher is committed to providing innovative solutions to our clients’ challenges.