Upcoming Soil-Cement Stabilization Seminar

The Thrasher Group and WV Builder’s Supply Association will host a Soil-Cement Stabilization and Full Depth reclamation Seminar on October 12, 2017 at the Thrasher Bridgeport Office. The seminar will feature experts in the field presenting on the Soil-Cement & FDR mix design process and technical concepts.

Featured Speakers

Andrew Johnson, PhD, PE is the Pave­ment Design Engineer for the Southeast Cement Promotion Association. Johnson retired from the SCDOT in March 2014, where he had worked in the Office of Ma­terials and Research since 1989.

Melissa Love Campbell, PE is the Georgia Pavement Applications Director for the Southeast Cement Promotion Association. In 2013 she retired from the SCDOT after 25 years.

Stan Bland, PE is the Carolinas/Virginia Pavement Applications Director for the Southeast Cement Promotion Association (SCPA). He joined SCPA in October 2011 after retiring from SCDOT with 40 years of service.

Dave Cannon is a Project Manager for Mt. Carmel Stabilization Group, Inc. The Mt. Carmel Stabilization Group was founded in 1918 and started doing soil stabilization on small county roads in 1949. Today they have grown to be North America’s largest FDR and Soil Stabilization Company.

Presentation Topics

  • Soil-Cement & FDR Mix Design Process
  • Cement Treated Bases: SCDOT Experience & History
  • Cement Treated Base Pavement Design/Technical Concepts
  • Construction and Quality Projects from the Contractor’s Seat
  • Construction Equipment & Quality Assurance/Quality Control for CTB

For more information or to RSVP, please email Cherish Dutchess.